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LIFF 2010: April 15-27, 2010 -- London, UK

LIFF 2008 Winners

Here is the official selection for 2008

Best UK Feature: Jan Dunn for RUBY BLUE
Best Director: Julian Richards for SUMMER SCARS
Best International Feature: Gareth Roberts for KILL KILL FASTER FASTER
Best International Documentary: Carl Brown for 2nd VERSE
Best UK Documentary: Dean Puckett for ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM
Best International Short: Ulrich Witt for KURTAXE
Best Sci Fi/Horror Film: Derrick Warfel for FALL OF NIGHT
Best LGBT Film: Joel Moffett for HORSEPOWER
Jury Prize for Best Short: Elaine Wickham for MY MOTHER
Festival Director's Prize for Best UK Short: Aaron Singer-Lee for CHRISTMAS BONUS
Best Short Documentary: Darryn de la Soul for SO YOU SHALL REAP
Best No-Budget Feature: Simon Welsford for JETSAM
Best Screenplay: Tania Meneguzzi for BRINK
Best Sci-Fi/Horror Screenplay:  Mike Miller for WITCHES BREW



We all face the future with a past.
At 65, Jack (Bob Hoskins) is consumed by past guilt and regret. His strained relationship with his son is severed on the death of his wife. Jack is lost and alone in his self loathing, and spirals into decline.

Hope arrives in the unlikely form of eight-year-old, Florrie, a soft-natured girl who moves in next door and delights in his long neglected racing pigeon Ruby.

When his glamorous French neighbour, Stephanie (Josiane Balasko) takes pity on him, Jack cannot help but fall for her charms. Encouraged by Stephanie, Jack helps a local hooligan by giving him his prized Ruby. When an innocent friendship with Florrie is thrown into question and Stephanie reveals a well kept secret, Jack's life is thrown into turmoil once again. Jack finally cracks, consumed with sadness and humiliation, until tragedy forces him to confront his prejudices, face his fears and challenge those around him in a bid to win back Stephanie's love.

Writer / Director - Jan Dunn
Ruby Blue is Jan's second feature film. Jan's debut feature film, Gypo, was critically acclaimed across the board and went on to receive many industry awards both in the UK and US including a British Independent Film Award.

Producer - Elaine Wickham
Ruby Blue is Elaine's second feature film since setting up her independent film company, Medb Films. Her first film, Gypo, won the "Outstanding Achievement in Production" Award at the British Independent Film Awards.


‘Kill Kill Faster Faster’ is a contemporary film noir inspired by the critically acclaimed novel of the same name by Joel Rose. Produced by rising UK outfits Aria Films and Full Circle Films, ‘Kill Kill’ director Gareth Maxwell Roberts has written the screenplay.

'Kill Kill Faster Faster' is a New York tragic love story - streetwise, stylish and desperately, savagely sad.

Kill Kill Faster Faster is the story of Joe One-Way, a man serving a life stretch for the passion murder of his teenage bride Kimba.

Inspired to write by Clinique, his Jamaican cellmate, mentor and lover, Joe pens the hard-boiled play ‘White Man: Black Hole’. New York film producer, Markie Mann, wanting to make the play into a film, pulls strings to have Joe paroled and contracts him to write the screenplay for the movie.

Fleur is Markie Mann’s beautiful wife, a one-time hooker and ex-con, who can’t help but fall for kindred spirit Joe. Their attraction is irresistible. Fleur is Joe’s salvation and soul-mate. They are propelled on a journey of obsession, guilt, and lust as Joe struggles between the pull of heroin, his violent impulses and the desire to redeem himself in the eyes of his estranged twin daughters.

A bad man trying to be good, the more he tries to do right, the more goes wrong. He is sent in a tail spin. Out of control, Joe One-Way soon discovers that life on the outside may be too dangerous even for him.

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