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To buy tickets to LIFF, visit our PAYPAL Order Page.


Tickets & Passes

Q: How do I get tickets to LIFF screenings? 

A: Tickets to all evening screenings and events are available on a first-come, first-served basis from our
PAYPAL order Page. All unsold seats will be filled for free on a first-to-the-door basis, prior to each screening or event (but many screenings will be sold out before the festival opens). 

For any screening or event that doesn't sell out 24 hours in advance, we fill the empty seats for free.  But the only way to insure you have a seat is to buy one of our very affordable tickets.

Q: So if I don't book in advance, it's free? 

A: Yes, if there are any seats left when you show up, but don't ask us to reserve you a seat
if you don't pay. If you want to be certain of getting a seat, you need to buy a ticket.

Q: OK, so how do I get these LIFF Tickets? 

A: Order through our
PAYPAL order page
, and bring a print out of the Paypal receipt to the screening as your ticket. Your name will be on our guest list.

Q: I bought a ticket, and now I see people getting in for free.  Is that fair? 

A: Yes, that's how we do it.  You paid for the privilege of knowing in advance that there'd be a space for you.  The people who got in for free took a chance on being without a space.

Hey, that does sound fair. More things should work like that!

We're looking forward to seeing you.


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