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Thursday April 23, 2009 -- 7:30pm

UK Shorts and Chris Jones at LIFF 2009

The Best of UK Short
Part 2

Thurs, Apr 23, 7:30pm at the Roxy -- Free at the door

Join us for 90 minutes of the Best UK Shorts from the 2009 festival season. In this block is included:

Detour (12m, United Kingdom)
dir. by Kodjo Akeseh Tsakpo

The Fishdance Kid (6m, United Kingdom)
dir. by Vanessa Caswill

Autonomy (10m, United Kingdom)
dir. by David Tree

CTRL- ALT- DELETE (6m, United Kingdom)
dir. by Adam Russell

Domestic Flight (17m, United Kingdom)
dir. by Julie Edwards

Wayfaring Stranger (11m, United Kingdom)
dir. by richard west

Elephants (13m, United Kingdom)
dir. by Sally Pearce

Precious (8m, United Kingdom)
dir. by Keri Jenkins

Drumhead (7m, United Kingdom)
Dir. by Alan Coltman

My Name is Sarah Hayward
Dir. by Josh O'Brian

My Nam is Sarah Hayward


Guest Speaker: Chris Jones
Making film in the UK
Thurs, Apr 23, 7:30pm at the Roxy -- Free at the door, but if you need a reservation, click here

Chris Jones is the author of the Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook, and teaches masterclasses in low-budget filmmaking in the UK and around the world.



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