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Monday April 27, 2009 -- 7pm

Scar Crow at LIFF 2009

Scar Crow
Dir. Andy Thompson & Pete Benson
Mon Apr 27, 7pm at the Coronet
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The Scar Crow is a debut feature film from independent producer/director/writer Andy Thompson & Pete Beson and has been selected for screening at the closing night of the London Independent Film Festival on 27th April 2009 (7pm) at the Coronet in Notting Hill.

The film features Anna Tolputt (Hellraiser: Hellworld), Marysia Kay (Forest of the Damned. Colours of the Dark), Anya Lahiri (Goal 3. I Can’t Think Straight.) and Iain Rogerson (Coronation Street). The Scar Crow is a British horror-drama part set against the backdrop of the witch hunts in 1709 England and part set in 2009. As well as witchcraft, gothic gore and a bloody killing spree, the story touches on issues of incest, abuse and the love between father and daughter.



The Story:

It’s 2009. Four guys from a city insurance company are not interested in countryside team building exercises and assault courses. They would rather be playing or watching football and downing several beers while chasing anything in a skirt. Yet here they are on an all expenses paid company trip to the middle of nowhere deep in the English countryside, not their idea of a jolly weekend away.

But maybe their luck has arrived in the form of the three Tanner sisters living and working alone on Graves Hill Farm close to a small village with a pub! Other than football, everything could be catered for after all! The sisters are friendly, open and warm, but all is not as it seems and the guys begin to wish they’d paid more attention on the assault course.

The three sisters are the daughters of convicted witch Elizabeth Tanner from the year 1709. Abused by their farmer Father, the sisters murder him and hide his body on a cross in the field as a crow scarer. With his dying words the Father curses his daughters to remain on the farm for an eternity. The sisters live in limbo on the farm neither living not dead, until the year 2009 when the chance to free themselves from a living hell is realised in the form of four guys lost in the depths of the english countryside.

The sisters have turned to their mothers witchcraft to resurrect their Father and seek his mercy and lift the curse hanging over them. Their Father in his decayed resurrected state agrees to lift the curse enabling them all to passover; but such a task does not come easy and involves replacing the Father as a scarecrow with the body parts of five individuals – one for each member of the Tanner family. The killing spree begins.



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