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Wednesday April 22, 2009 -- 2pm

Reservations at LIFF 2009

dir. by Nicholas Pilton
Wed, Apr 22, 2pm at the Roxy
-- Free of charge

Reservations follows five hotel guests over a long weekend on the South Coast of England all with one thing in common, they are alone. Eva is living in the hotel following a tragic loss. Mark, an obsessive embalmer bumbles his way into her affections and its his ability to help her move on that wins him the ultimate prize. Bev, a downtrodden housewife books into the hotel for the honeymoon she never had, her increasingly confused mind leaves her roaming the corridors where she meets Digby a man who has made a reservation for a transformation which challenges him to the core. Helen, a spiky opticians assistant arrives at the hotel in preparation for the perfect date, her cyber addiction has led her to the coast in an attempt to meet a mate who will fulfill her every desire but how real is the relationship and is he all that she expected? This sometimes dark but heartfelt drama set within the sumptuous backdrop of past grandeur really treats the viewer with an insight into the lives, hearts and minds of these seemingly pedestrian characters as their lives shift in surprising ways.

Reservations began production as a blank canvass, an experimental drama exploring character and situation. It sees these first time actors challenging parts of their own personalities and was devised using a process of improvisation. A must see.



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